audio chip for greeting card and toys
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audio chip for greeting card and toys

  • D/C: ZXS09-003
  • Package: bulk
  • Model Number: ZXS09-03
  • Type: Logic ICs
  • Brand Name: ZXS
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Product: pre-recorded sound module
  • Sound duration time: 6 seconds to 270 seconds
  • Power: 3 x AG10 button cells
  • Life time: 250-500 times
  • Message: voice, music, sound are available
  • Music format: MP3 or WAV
  • Button: Slide tongue,push button,vibration,squeeze switch or at your options
  • Order: OEM,ODM
  • Certification: CE,ROSH
  • Application: promotional greeting card,toys
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audio chip for greeting card and toys

The Sound module the prerecorded voice module, is an integrated circuit (i.e. "chip") designed to produce sound, you can send us your favor preloaded sound file in MP3 and WAV format,then we can save in the module forever. Also our sound mudule can use in widely purposes, such as custom wedding invitations, graduation invitations, Christmas and holiday cards, birthday party invitations, baby shower invites, and also promotional materials like packaging, books, catalogs, brochures, banners and business cards. We can even add our voice modules to T-shirts and stuffed animals! Almost anywhere that you’d like to add your voice or sound effect, we can insert our tiny electronic sound modules.


1. Sound duration time: 6 seconds to 270 seconds, even more if required.

2. Components: PCB, IC, speaker, microphone, LED indicator, batteries, wire harness, switch, more or less for different items .

3. Power: 3 x AG10 button cells

4.Activated: by slide tongue

5.Any voice and design can accept custom ( You can send customizable sound or message recording to us by WAV and MP3 file format )

6. We can make OEM or ODM sound modules based on your printing images with PDF or AI file format .

7. Our Sound modules are very suitable for your music box,gift bags,greeting card and so on.

8.The sound quality of our voice module is vivid.

Tech Spec.c:


PCB board,battery,speaker,plastic


Slide tongue,push button,vibration,squeeze switch or at your options

Duration time

Can accept custom

Life time

250-500 times




voice, music, sound are available



Music format

MP3 or WAV



What you can choose

Please visit our normally buttons of sound module and choose from models you like. Also if you wish have a exceptional bespoke button, related to your product, we can creat a button module without any problems.

The Slide Tongue sound module: It is a funny wat to express your greeting. It will play your recorded message when your lover one open the card . Also, your recorded sound will stop when the card is unfold and closed.It’s a fun and unexpected way for your customers or loved ones to hear your voice and enjoy your greeting.

The push button sound module: is to control by the play button , it will play the sound when you push the button and it will stop when the button is pushed for a second time. This product is popular for use in corporate marketing materials where novelty and surprise are needed to capture interest and engage the user.

The Light Sensor sound Module: works beautifully in boxes since the voice message begins when the mechanism is exposed to light. Replace the lid of the box or close the brochure and your recorded greeting will stop playing. We love this sound module for special merchandise, gifts, or even an extraordinary wedding invitation.

Why choose us

♦Quality All voice modules and voice greeting cards are tested prior to shipping and we guarantee workability. Quality products can built you great company image.

♦Competitive price High effience reduce the cost,enable to give big profit to our clients. Also, it will be necessary for us to be told the budget if you hope to enjoy the most marketabler efforts.

♦Time We have strongly realized time and also play important parts in your decision.In order to meet your urgent needs, we have tailored our service to be express.

Thanks for ur time. More information, pls don't hesitate to contact us! Looking forward for ur consultation!

Zhen Xiang Industrial Company Ltd. was founded in 2003 and is engaged in the Design, Development, Manufacture and Export of a Large Range of Voice Recording Products, Promotional items...

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